ABC Will Be Broadcasting NYC’s Pride March This Year For The First Time Ever

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has FINALLY come. For the first time in LITERALLY ever, NYC’s annual Pride March will be broadcasted on ABC news come Sunday, June 25th, 2017! The broadcast will happen on Channel 7 from 12pm-3pm, allowing all the gogo boys and drag queens to dance and entertain their way into the living rooms of families everywhere! This is seriously a pretty big deal – a historic one, in fact – and this just goes to prove that despite what our current President and his administration are trying to preach to the country, the rest of us are ACTUALLY loving and accepting each other for who they are! Here’s what Chris Frederick, NYC Pride Managing Director had to say about it all on Facebook:

For 7+ years I’ve dreamed about NYC Pride finally getting a broadcast on a mainstream television network. The thought of providing an outlet for those too afraid to come to Pride or those unable to come to Pride was incredibly important to us. As a kid in rural Ohio, if I had the opportunity to turn on the TV and see a sea of rainbows I might not have felt so afraid. Also, this will create an even larger platform for many local non-profits to let their voices be heard. This is why we do what we do and we’re excited to be welcomed into your homes in June on ABC7. #weareproud

Congrats everyone, and YAY FOR GAY!