This Dog Realizing It’s Not Leaving The Shelter Will Break Your Heart

It’s no secret that an animal being sent away to the animal shelter for any reason is one of the saddest moments in the Universe. The majority of the time they’ve done nothing to deserve such treatment, and sometimes sadly being sent to the shelter means being sent to their death. In the case of an insanely adorable 4-year-old pit bull mix by the name of Electra, we get to see the moment when she realized that she’s not going to be leaving the shelter come across her face, and it’s LITERALLY the single most heartbreaking thing we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. Now fortunately, she’s since been adopted and is now in a happy loving home, but let this be a reminder to anyone who’s trying to get rid of an animal simply because they don’t want them anymore: you’re putting your pet through this experience. That is all. Watch the video below and make sure you have SEVERAL tissues!