Eat Like a True Pokémon Master With This Awesome Poké Ball Lunch Box!

If you’re a diehard Pokémon fan just like we are, then it’s more than likely that you’ll always do whatever it takes to prove to everyone that you’re the ULTIMATE Pokémon master, right? You’ve played every game as it’s come out, and when it comes to Pokémon Go you’re one of the few people that is still doing whatever it takes to hold down as many gyms as possible – especially the one down the street from your house. Well if you’re doing all these things and STILL want to find a way to be a TRUE master, then we think we’ve found something perfect for you. There’s a Poké Ball shaped lunch case that you can ACTUALLY buy that fits everything you’d ever need for lunch into it, and it’s basically the most magical thing ever. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it, then you can CLICK HERE. 

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