Icelandair Picked The Most Adorable Gay Couple In The World For Their New Commercial

Living in and only really ever traveling within the United States, I’m not really all that familiar with Icelandair, but after seeing who they’ve chosen for their latest commercial, I’m absolutely OBSESSED with them and DESPERATELY need to make a trip to Iceland. You see, they’ve found Roald and Sigurþórs, an insanely adorable middle-aged gay couple who’s been together for quite some time now. They’re just two perfectly ordinary, regular guys who just so happen to love each other very much, and it’s beautiful in every way imaginable! They star in Icelandair’s latest commercial, showing them traveling and doing typical couple things like soaking in the pool and hanging out in the sauna, and all I really have to say about it all is that if this company is any bit as amazing as their commercial, then we FREAKING LOVE THEM. Check out the adorable trailer below and ENJOY!