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Nerd Trap: BTW, Michael Fassbender Kisses Himself In ‘Alien: Covenant’

Okay, allow me to just get something out of the way before we get started here: I don’t really give two sh*ts about what all the people’s reasons are for not going out and seeing the movie, Alien: Covenant is a great film, and everyone just needs to give it a damn chance. Alright, now that I’ve said my piece, let’s discuss what’s really important. Not only was the movie super good and exactly what I wanted it to be, but there’s also a wonderful little bonus scene for myself and all my fellow homosexuals to enjoy in it as well! You see, there’s two of Michael Fassbender’s characters in the movie at once, so there’s a wonderful little scene where we get to kiss himself on the lips right before something terrible happens, and you totally need to see the gif of it happening RIGHT NOW. I’ve also attached a trailer of the movie below for all of you that still haven’t watched it yet, losers.