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Thirst Trap: John Barrowman Has No Problem Touching Fans Inappropriately, And We Love It

It’s really no secret that John Barrowman has become known as the king of Comic Cons EVERYWHERE, and for damn good reason too! Not only is he an incredible actor who’s probably most beloved for his role as Captain Jack in both Doctor Who and his spinoff series Torchwood despite the fact that his most recent work would be on Arrow. He’s become so popular because he’s absolutely excellent at engaging with all the fans, and puts on such an incredible show that’s guaranteed to be impossible to forget. The other thing he’s known for? Having absolutely no problem whatsoever with touching his fans in the most inappropriate of places, and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Below is an absolutely wonderful collection of photos from various fans, and something tells us you’ll love it just as much as we do!


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