Wendy Williams Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Fan Who Was a Victim Of The Manchester Bombing

As you all are probably more than well aware of by now, there was an explosion that happened during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester recently that killed over 20 people that was later determined to be a terrorist attack. Ariana has since then announced that she will be doing a benefit concert for the victims and their families, and it’s more than likely that she won’t be touring again for some time after that. This is where a man by the name of Martyn Hett comes into the picture.

He had a pretty big following on Twitter, including a pretty decent sized presence online overall. Well, he had saved up for over 2 years for a big trip, including a visit to New York so he could be on set of the Wendy Williams show as he’s always been a MASSIVE fan of hers. Well it turns out that he was unfortunately one of the victims of the Manchester bombing, and in response after hearing about what happened, Wendy has paid one of the most touching tributes EVER to him, and we’re SOBBING. Watch the video below after seeing Martyn’s post about how excited he was to see Wendy, and make sure you have the tissues because this one is going to be rough.

RIP, Martyn. We hope you can see this, wherever you are! (via)